The VanGard Difference

Oblong Bores

The heart of the Vangard advantage is our patented Oblong Bores. Extensive FEA analysis and field testing has shown oblong bores result in a 40% stress reduction compared to a traditional fluid-end design. The lower stress results in double the fluid-end life compared to conventional fluid-ends.

Ease of Maintenance

Interchangeable Parts Across Product Line

Whether your company is running all 2250 HP pumps or running a variety of pump styles. The Vangard fluid-end design uses completely interchangeable internal parts across our product line. This limits parts inventory and simplifies pump maintenance.

The iFed® Difference

Means Striving for improvement

The iFed® concept is the center of our company's research and development to be able to put out the best products in the industry. Our company only uses the highest quality materials and is always striving to find new ways to improve our product line.