Vangard 2250T

Product Specifications

  • Valve over Valve Design
  • Plenum Style Suction Manifold with 6" connections
  • Hard Coated Plungers
  • SuperGold Header Ring Style Packaging
  • 3” 1502 Discharge Flanges
  • Center 2” 1502 Gauge Connection
  • Can ship fully loaded and ready to be installed
  • Interchangable internal Components across product line
Plunger Sizes 4.5" - 5"
HP Rating 2250
Pump Type Triplex
Pump Stroke 8"
Configuration Valve over Valve

Features and Benefits

Oblong Bores Reducing stress at intersecting bores and increasing fluid-end service life. Allowing for less pump down time and lowering operational costs

High Quality Material Toughest and most wear resistant ANSI 4330 VM chemical composition available.

Standard Size Valves Undersized valves (XD Style) restrict flow area causing incomplete filling and high valve impact loads which shortens cylinder life.

Valve Cover D-Ring Seals All models use high performance D-Ring seals. This seal style removes the hassle of O-ring with back-ups, resists extrusion, and resists movement

Download Center

2250 Triplex Brochure 2250 Triplex Brochure (223 KB)